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город Трикала виды

​Places to see in Trikala

Planning to visit Trikala? That’s a great idea! Trikala is a place where every traveler finds something attractive. Here are some highlights for your future trip.

Trikala fortress is called The Castle sometimes. This sightseeing point is hard to miss. The fortress is situated on the top of the hill. Get ready to climb the stairs. But the view over the city is the most rewarding.

To get astonishing panoramic view climb the Clock tower located in The Castle. The tower is rebuild after World War II as the original one was destroyed. But the new one looks impressive as well.

If you are looking for the most astonishing views of the old city, visit Varousi and Manavika. These are Trikala neighborhoods full of old houses and narrow streets to get lost in. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone! Every part of Varousi and Manavika is perfect for a photo.

Trikala is an ancient Trikki described by Homer. To see its oldest buildings visit the east part of the city. Archaeological excavations were held in Trikala in 20th century. The researchers found ancient Roman and Byzantine buildings, tiny Byzantine temple and the complex of Roman baths.

The mill of Matsopoulos is a can’t-miss experience for travelers coming to Trikala for Christmas. This massive stone building is worth a hundred photos. But it is mainly known as The Mill of Elves now. The Trikala Christmas park is held here.

Tsitsanis Museum is one of the best Trikala’s cultural attractions. The building has impressive history. It was built as the Ottoman baths and later became a prison. Visitors can learn this breathtaking story on the ground floor. But the main display is devoted to the Greek composer Vassilis Tsitsanis.

Don’t miss the mosque of Osman Sah after visiting Tsitsanis Museum. The two buildings are situated nearby. The other name of the mosque is Kursum Tzami and this is the only mosque in Trikala. Now the 16th century building is also a museum.

These are only the places to visit at Trikala itself. But around the city there are a lot of amazing sights as well. Huge rocks of Meteora, the Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti built literally in vertical rocks, the Paleokaria Arch Bridge near the waterfall… But that is another story.

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